In()side/Space for Transformative Arts in Amsterdam is a multidisciplinary group exhibition intertwined with selection of dance and music performances, workshops, journeyings, experiments, encounters, shared practices, etc. In()side is not only an exhibition but also a space holder. A temporary space for exhibiting diverse artistic practices that were long kept “inside" - of studios, kitchens as improvised rehearsal rooms, sketchbooks, our hearts.

What is common for the In(0side artists is that they took time off the rat race and took their call seriously, in order to create something independent of the (art) market compulsions. My vision as a curator of the In()side is to create space, time and infrastructure, free from those conditions, in order to enable makers to enquire which artistic form, shape, content, discipline, methodology, etc., is called for in this current historical moment, and what do artists wish to contribute to their local eco-systems. My focus has been put also on artistic research as a tool for (self)reflection and a form of thought which allows for detours from the mainstream intellectual discussions and discourses, in order to open up potential new perspectives.

The In()side is made possible by bringing together a core group of artists who contributed their time, work and financial means to this self-sustainable infrastructure, creating that way a platform also for other artists of similar interests. During the process of developing the In()side, we found out that our common theme was transformation. This theme had to do with our personal transformations, as most of us are in our mid age/career, but also with a sense that the world, our eco-system needs to transform, to become more sustainable and to upgrade. Consequently many of our contributions relate to our eco-system, including plants, air, energy use, personal conducts, viabilities, responsibilities, taking charge of the world we are creating.

Transformation is in its core a spiritual, alchemical process. One thing turns into the other with a help of fire, air, earth, water. The upgrade is possible when unusual, unpredictable, sometimes contra-intuitive methods are used to transform old ways. Old knowledge - new ways, brought to our communal bon(d)fire by each of the core members of the In()side, has shifted our perspectives to the new reality. This new reality is unfolding during 9 days of our space-holding in Vrij Paleis.

Branka Zgonjanin, curator of the In()side

The events and gallery viewings are organised in accordance with safety measures. Most of the events are free of charge, except for workshops and private sessions.

Curated by Branka Zgonjanin and co-created by: Anne Ahau, Baldwin van der Helm, Ehud Neuhaus, Yafit Taranto, Maya Neuhaus, Galitta Tassa, Branka Zgonjanin, Cato Fluitsma and Susanna Brenner.

With guests: Maria Mavridou, Arvind Ganga, Irina Vainio, Mazoes Tomas Fris, Sharma Peterson, Ria Higler, Leela May Stokholm, Ana Brumat, Jasna Velickovic, Gert-Jan Prins, Lily Kiara, Ab Baars, Otomettik, Thomas Kwakernaat, Eduardo Rojo, Botanic circus (Arlette van Laar and Nina Boas), Pip Robin and more TBA

IMPORTANT NOTES: Unless specified next to an event, it is not possible to reserve a spot. We have a maximum of people which can be at a certain moment In()side (depends on an event), so we advise people to come a bit earlier to ensure a spot. If you are late and it is full, our host at the door will advise you to wait a moment, because people come in and out, and you might still be able to come in. For the best waiting experience please bring with you your personal set of headphones (we are preparing something delightful).

There is no bar. Please bring your own drinks for yourself or to share. We will be selling affordable soup and chai.

The Artists

Anne Ahau

Anne Ahau

For this exhibition I made an Altar Tryptic capturing the holiness of three plant spirits who are strongly connected to important transformative moments in our collective consciousness.

Susanna Brenner - Deamoneater

Susanna Brenner

Susanna's work is multidisciplinary, it involves video, soundscapes, objects, drawings and a lot of threads. In 2004 her love affair with soundscapes started and she has been collecting everything audible since then; besides researching old, known and forgotten rituals, archiving anxieties, building transformation portals, de/constructing halos, actively welcoming and letting go, locating the silent sounds, and getting tangled up in the magical webs of DaemonEaters.

Susanna Brenner started as a goldsmith in Germany before she began studying Time based Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam and Fine Arts at the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam.

Cato Fluitsma

Cato Fluitsma

Cato Fluitsma is an accordion player and singer/songwriter from Amsterdam. She has a broad repertoire and a lot of experience in playing for and with people of all kinds and ages.

For In()side she collaborates with Baldwin van der Helm on creating soundscapes on the spot in which the voices of the audience will be blended in, expressing their dreams for a positive future.

Ehud Neuhaus

Ehud Neuhaus

I draw as a way of digesting and processing my own personal experiences.
I photograph as a reflection on reality and perception.

Maya Neuhaus

Maya Neuhaus

I have always considered myself to be an artist. Creating with what ever is possible when ever it is possible to create. I mainly use paintings and photography to express myself. The last couple of years I was working on my biggest creations up until now. I became a mother. This has changed my point of view on life and art as I knew them.


Yafit Taranto

Let's meet in()side.
In our secret garden where
I am an imagecatcher
in your eye.
And you are more than my guest.

Let's meet inside a mythical image.
Where you are a hero
and I am your
yellow brick road.

Galitta Tassa the return of the queen

Galitta Tassa

Galitta creates transformative and sensory Performances that are composed of stories, songs, music, monuments, and ceremonies. She is a performing shaman, sound healer, and storyteller.

Galitta's tribal heritage, prolific artistic range, and entrepreneurial drive led her to produce events, performances, and initiatives to inspire people to empower themselves using her Four Voices™ method. Galitta led hundreds of events and workshops in Europe, inspiring countless numbers of people to find their voice and live a better life.

Baldwin van der Helm

Baldwin van der Helm

With roots in architecture and interior design and after a 15-year break in which he mainly made watercolors, Baldwin is creating space again on canvas using acryl and oil colors.

With Eco and "taming the ego" in mind, he is transforming old paintings by partially painting over them to create a new ambiguous image, with a special interest in stacked patterns and their interference, leading to contemplation of energy and the fleeting nature of shape.

Branka Zgonjanin

Branka Zgonjanin

Branka Zgonjanin is an innovative and visionary artist, performer and choreographer based in Amsterdam. She holds MA in Choreography (Theatreschool Amsterdam) and MA in Anthropology (Belgrade University). Branka's performative works are focused on the direct relationship between the body and the multiverse, whereas the bodily organisation during a performance becomes a referential system for journeying into endless realities which human existence entails.

Currently Branka explores the relationship between performance and ritual, improvisation and shamanism, teaches the traditional knowledge of medicinal plants, and through curation of the In()side hopes to contribute to building a different kind of artistic, political and economic infrastructure in Amsterdam.

Photo credits: Roman Zotter (scene from performance CANDY)